Morocco frightens the world index of soft power of nations

Morocco frightens the world index of soft power of nations

Morocco Now brand, the emblem of the kingdom internationally. DR

The United Arab Emirates (UAE), Israel and Saudi Arabia have risen to the stage of the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region. Global soft power code Brand Finance 2022, which measures the influence of 120 countries in the world.

Of the thirteen Arab countries listed this year, the United Arab Emirates ranks 15th in the world. It ranks best among national brands in the Middle East and North Africa.

Among the Arab countries, Saudi Arabia came in second and 24thTh Ranked in the World Rankings. It has thus maintained its position since last year, with a significant improvement in its index score, rising to 47.1 per 100.

Morocco, meanwhile, finished 46th with a score of 34.9 / 100Th Internationally, i.e. 3Th In Africa (after Egypt and South Africa) and 7Th In the MENA region, behind the United Arab Emirates, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Egypt and Kuwait.

His performance was particularly hampered by his poor academic grades (97Th Values ​​in world rankings and its population ratio (71Th ), The quality of its media (71Th), But, surprisingly, by its reputation and its international relations (62Th) He was rated average in business and trade (55Th), Management of the Govt Crisis (50Th), For its culture and heritage (52Th) He acts better than his immediate counterparts in terms of influence: for this index, he gets a respectable place (42).Th ) Gave its weight on the world stage.

Its main competitors in the Maghreb, Algeria and Tunisia are 75 respectivelyTh And 76Th In the world rankings that do not take into account Mauritania and Libya.

The United States tops the list with 70.7 points, followed by the United Kingdom, Germany, China and Japan.

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