The temperature rises due to the dust cloud coming from the Sahara

The temperature rises due to the dust cloud coming from the Sahara

Since Tuesday, a cloud of sand has crossed France, causing orange dust in various parts of the country, causing temperatures to hover around Wednesday, May.

Orange cars, sand ski slopes, a horizon in yellow and orange: A thin layer of sand fell from the Sahara over France on Monday afternoon. The concentration of dust in the atmosphere gives a certain hue to the sky. This mass of air coming from the Sahara also causes the temperature to soften. On Wednesday, the maximum temperature varies from 20 to 24 C, i.e. the month of May.

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Sometimes under the white sky, the thermometer is close to 20 degrees this afternoon, 19 degrees Celsius in Paris and Bordeaux and 16 degrees in Lille. “An extraordinary eventAccording to Regis Crpet, meteorologist Weather Channel*, Corn “Significant for its power and geographical purpose. “ The dust mainly moved over western France on Tuesday, making the event particularly visible, for example in Bordeaux or La Rochelle, before heading north.

This orange sand that reaches us from Sahel has traveled over 3000 km before falling back into our country. “This is very compact with very fine dust sticking. Ile-de-France residents have seen it in their vehiclesSays Regis Krebet. From Thursday, as the wind turns north, this peak of sweetness will be medieval.

This episode repeats itself every year, especially in late winter and early spring. The “dirty rain” event has always been “Says the meteorologist.

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