The cyber attack, which took advantage of the error in the Ka-Chad satellite, would have cut off the French.

Investigations into the bizarre damage caused by the satellite on the day of the Ukraine invasion continue. As Internet users still lost access to the Internet, a faulty configuration in the satellite network could have been the gateway to a cyber attack.

It was February 24. Russia invaded Ukraine, and with its invasion, Moscow also used cyber weapons – less than the Western nations feared. These tensions between the powers within the networks sometimes have repercussions as far as France, which is similar to this strange “cyber phenomenon” that affected the satellite.

Discovered on the day of the invasion, the disruption caused by the Ka-Sat satellite, operated by the US company ViaSat since October 2021, does not really seem to be a coincidence. On the contrary: everyone is prone to cyber-attacks, mostly of Russian descent, because this satellite Used by the Ukrainian army.

If this is really a Russian-funded operation, we understand the tactical interest: it is a question of harassing the Ukrainian forces’ ability to communicate or control their armed forces. Satellites often have a civilian and international side. In France, the number of people affected by the event is estimated at 10,000.

French Internet users are still without a restored connection

Now that the conflict has been going on for more than eighteen days, it is clear that it is difficult to restore service. In his final stagesAs of March 10, Nordnet, the French company that markets Internet access via satellite, has acknowledged that the situation is not yet fully resolved.

On its Twitter account, the company indicates that some of its customers still do not have access. ” Nordnet is exploring all options for re-establishing its users’ connection, including changing the Viasat modem if this solution proves unavoidable according to the supplier or seeking other alternatives depending on the circumstances of each of our subscribers.

viasat nordnet satellite
News about a “technical incident” published by Nordnet on February 24. // Source: NordNet

The resemblance between the severe damage caused by the Vyasat satellite network and the Russian military occupation of Ukraine leaves little doubt about the nature of the incident. Also, on March 3, General Michael Friedling, Commander of the Space Command, during a press conference, noted a cyber attack that had disabled several terminals, some of which were permanent.

Investigations are ongoing. According to a press release issued on March 11 Reuters, Viasat called this web event a “deliberate, isolated and external” action and was able to exploit the incorrect configuration in the satellite network management system. Because of this error, attackers were able to remotely access the modems and neutralize them.

According to a Viasat spokesperson quoted by the news agency, the situation is gradually returning to normal: ” Network is confirmed, we restore service and activate terminals as soon as possible “. Is given priority Important infrastructure and humanitarian assistance Explains the delay in helping the public affected by the blackout.

Western powers are taking a serious interest in the incident

Apparently, this malfunction by third parties is of very close interest to both the powerful US NSA involved in the collection of digital and electromagnetic intelligence, but also the role of the National Agency for the Security of Organizations. To ensure cyber security in France.

Western intelligence agencies and Ukraine are trying to determine if this remote sabotage of a satellite internet provider’s service was the work of one or more hackers linked to the Kremlin – leading to a particular reaction from the West. , If true.

NSA and US cyber command agents within a monitoring center. // Source: NSA

Moscow, surprisingly, denies all allegations of direct or indirect involvement in cyber attacks. Meanwhile, Vizat has appointed Mandiant, an American cybersecurity agency, to help investigate the intrusion. Beggar, It is being acquired by GoogleSpecializes in Detect government-provided hackers.

The exact manifestations of the incident, if determined, have not yet been made public. They are not clear at the moment. The material is sensitive, as it could have political repercussions between Western countries and Russia and highlight the comparative impact of telecommunications satellites facing hostile actions.

Also, this kind of anxiety is not limited to space. If the Ka-Sat satellite, which is in Earth orbit at an altitude of about 36,000 km from Earth, encounters a rare failure, the battlefield could be as high as 20,000 leagues under the sea. Where are the undersea cables essential to carry the internet between the continents.

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