Enemies no longer attract

Enemies no longer attract

There are many American series in high school where the best student in the class falls in love Bad boy From the last line, the somewhat shy scientist falls in love with a teenage girl who sucks math. In Popular and media culture, Completely different people are united by the power of love. You may know some couples who fit this description exactly and their relationship longevity is surprising.

For that BBC, Jessica Klein Was interested in this derived idea. Although it is difficult to find the exact origin of the proverb, the journalist found traces of it Sociologist Robert F. The work of the winch. In 1954, he “Look for completeness in choosing a partnerThis would mean, for example Introverts are more likely to be influenced by outsiders. Ten years later, the work of a psychologist Don Byrne Conclusion The opposite is true: if we perceive qualities in a person we do not know, we tend to appreciate him.

In 2017, Angela Bonn, a professor of psychology, researched and created 1,500 pairs. Statistical measurement system To determine if both partners are identical based on behavior and values, leisure activities or alcohol consumption. On average, they share 86% of variables measured, and the duration of the relationship does not affect the end.

She also found that couples have very few similarities on the level of personality. By taking into account the “Big Five” or “personality measure”Five great personality traits (Transparency, conscience, alienation, acknowledgment, and neuroscience), Bon notes, make some meetings more or less functional:Two dominant individuals can be difficult to deal with, which is where saturation or “opposite attraction” works.

In the same year, a Investigation of psychologist Yu Wu By reading the Facebook profiles of 1,000 couples and 50,000 couples of friends – even when it comes to personality, rivals don’t impress.

Dating apps also tend to emphasize this. In 2020, on Tinder, he mentions Black Lives Matter Or BLM, the brand that supports the American anti-racism movement, multiplied by 55. These approvals are often used to indicate that it is not possible to get along with someone who does not support the movement.

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Also, the algorithms used by most of these applications are binding sharers The same benefits. At the time of the 2016 US presidential election, Many applications Voters were created for Donald Trump. By registering at OkCupid, you will need to complete a questionnaire, which allows you to specify (if the person wishes) Political opinion, Her interest in feminism, ecology etc. “The proverb may well be on the way to obsolescenceSays the journalist.

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