Steve Jobs has been identified as the author of the mysterious serial number

Steve Jobs has been identified as the author of the mysterious serial number

Designed by Steve Wozniak, Steve Jobs And tested mass in the garage of Ronald Wayne and Jobs, the first product of the Apple-1 Apple It went on sale in April 1976. The commercialization of this microcomputer, first and foremost, was a big mystery. Each motherboard had an inscription in black. A kind of serial number.

Where does this record come from?

Steve Wozniak has always promised not to be the author of the serial number like Steve Jobs. Both allies were logical skeptics: Steve Wozniak was the chief designer of Apple-1, and Steve Jobs attended the assembly. Paul Terrell, the owner of Fight Shop and the first sponsor of the Fifty Apple-1s, says he has nothing to do with this. Who marked these motherboards?

Achim Baque, Registrar Apple i It lists all the computers involved in solving this mystery. To do this, he turned to PSA, one of the world’s leading signature authentication services. Daniel Kotke (a close friend of Steve Jobs) sent Steve Jobs’ handwritten documents to the Accreditation Service so that he could compare them as best he could.

And guilty?

After three months of extensive analysis, the PSA has made its final decision: Steve Jobs is the sole author of a handwritten serial number on each Apple-1 motherboard. In other words, all of Apple’s first microcomputers were “signed” by Steve Jobs.

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