Purida at the 157th Ordinary Session of the Arab League Council in Cairo

Purida at the 157th Ordinary Session of the Arab League Council in Cairo

The meeting will be attended by Moroccan Foreign Minister, African Cooperation and Moroccans living abroad, the State Ambassador to Egypt and its Permanent Representative to the Arab League, Ahmed Dasi, and Nasser Borida, Head of the Division of Arab and Islamic Organizations. Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Abdel Ali Jahat.

Prior to this work, three Cabinet meetings of the Special Committees were formed from the Council and dedicated to overseeing. Developments of various crises at the regional level.

It is:

– Quartet of Ministers responsible for monitoring the crisis with Iran and preventing its interference in the internal affairs of the Arab world,

– Committee on the Intervention of Turkey in the Internal Affairs of the Arab Countries,

– Commission of Ministers responsible for preventing Israeli operations in al-Quds, which is led by Jordan and occupied by Morocco, Saudi Arabia, Palestine, Qatar, Egypt, Algeria and Tunisia.

The inaugural session of the session of Arab foreign ministers was marked by the presence of Philip Lasserini, Commissioner General of the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestinian Refugees in the Near East (UNRWA). Explaining the current state of the UN system and the vulnerability it suffers from, he called on Arab countries and donors to extend more support to UNRWA’s continued service to the Palestinians.


During this session, the Arab Foreign Ministers will consider 11 points Dealing with various issues of joint Arab action in the political, economic, social, security, financial and administrative spheres, led by the Secretary-General’s Report between the last two sessions Preparations for the next Arab Summit.

Arab ministers will also review political developments The Palestinian questionArab-Israeli conflict, implementation of Arab peace initiative, Israeli violations in the Holy City, support for the Palestinian budget and the opposition of the Palestinian people, as well as the protection of Arab water and the plunder of Israeli-occupied Palestinian territories.

In the field of security, the crowd explores Developments in Lebanon, Syria, Libya and YemenAs well as the protection of the Iranian occupation and navigation of the Emirati Islands and Energy distribution in the Gulf region.

Accepting the United Arab Emirates’ position on the violation of Iraqi sovereignty and Turkish forces is also a question. Turkish Intervention In the internal affairs of the Arab countries.

The agenda also includes ways to strengthen Arab relations with regional and international groups, including Arab-African, Arab-European relations, relations with Russia, Japan, India, China, Central Asia, the Pacific Islands and South America. Cooperation between the Arab League and the United Nations.

In the field of social and human rights, the session will examine the support of IDPs within the Arab world, particularly the recommendations of the Arab Permanent Commission on Migration and Human Rights, and additional issues related to security. Arab national security and the fight against terrorism.

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