Mac Studio and its new screen will look like this

Mac Studio and its new screen will look like this

Tomorrow is Apple’s first big event and surprise of the year and will not come from the iPhone SE or iPad Air, but from the Mac. For the past few days, we have been hearing a lot of talk about the mysterious “Mac Studio”. Bridge between Mac Mini and Mac ProAs well as a “studio display”, in other words A new screen. According to Luke Miani, the manufacturer will take these two new products out of its big cap during the “Peak Performance” special event.

The Mac Studio is similar in design to the Mac Mini (and retains LEDs on the front), but is about three times larger and has holes around the base for cooling. In addition, Apple offers a new 27-inch screen with slightly thicker borders than the Pro Display XTR, all without the mesh back of a high-end monitor, but reminiscent of the iMac’s footprint. 24 inches.

We will fix it soon as youtubeur ensures that both these products are delivered within 24 hours. Another novelty expected tomorrow is that the green version of the iPhone 13 (last year, Apple introduced the purple iPhone 12) is reminiscent of the “midnight green” of the iPhone 11 Pro. The new iPad Air is just as welcome in purple as the iPod Mini.

If all of this changes, it will make us a better keyword! Below is a video of Luke:

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