Chrome is faster than Safari

Chrome is faster than Safari

Problems with Safari? Intera 2020 tests show that Apple’s standard browser version lags behind Lags far behind its main competitors Fifteen Internet standards. And Google is now sluggish on the performance of Chrome 99, which has been available for a few days and works better on the benchmark than Safari. Velocity (It simulates user interactions in web applications).

It is quite ironic that this tool was created by the WebKit team in 2014 – it has been available since 2018 A version 2.0 Designed in conjunction with Google. Chrome scored 99,300, the highest score ever recorded by a benchmark. Safari 280 runs around. Of course, this is a little bad, especially since a little music is heard here and there depicting Safari as the “new Internet Explorer” …


Safari, “New Internet Explorer”: Are you still using Safari on your Mac?

To achieve this, Google has implemented an optimization technique (ThinLDO) It, in essence, prioritizes code that speeds up browsing speed. Google claims that its browser is 7% faster than Apple, with a 15% gain in graphics performance when combined with specific graphics upgrades ThinLTO.

Chrome engineers have worked hard: the browser has been 43% faster in the last fifteen months or so since the introduction of Chrome for Apple Silicon Macs. Now it’s Apple’s turn to squeeze the mushroom.

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