Fluffy donuts at home

Fluffy donuts at home

There is Luna Park, with its pink sugar icing and small marshmallows; French, salted butter stuffed with caramel; Or Speculious, topped with Speculous Crumble. With about thirty kinds of donuts, Donut Time On its cardboard boxes reveals this cult American rainbow rainbow.

Based in Mont-sur-Lausanne, the company, which has abandoned its former Lausanne store, operates mainly within a 10-kilometer radius, based on the principle of next-day delivery. Twice a week, at the behest of its website, DonTime distributes its works to French-speaking individuals in Switzerland, passing through several cities in a single day, like old travel trucks delighting distant villages before supermarkets arrive. Another option: Go to one of the two relay points open every Sunday of the week in Lausanne and Mont-sur-Lausanne or Monthey.

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According to the record, after ten years working in restaurants in Washington DC Fabrice Raymond He wanted to import sweets from Swiss soil. “It’s a fashion in pastry stalls and in popular cultureHomer Simpson, The one who swears by it. Basically, garnishing everything with American sauce is a question, because the recipe – flour made from flour, eggs, yeast and butter fried in oil – is similar to the donut we make best in Europe, ”explains the chef. Types of recipes for crushing.

All handicrafts are made in a laboratory north of Lausanne. “We recommend eating donuts on the same day so they are fresh and tender because they are without preservatives,” he notes. Victoria’s mother, Responsible for the management and development of the brand. Customizable versions of the giant, mini or font – “Happy Birthday”, for example – are even possible.

Donut Time, Le Mont-sur-Lausanne, tel. 021 552 01 99, www.donutime.ch

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