Will the new Bullitt movie, directed by Steven Spielberg, be coming soon?

Will the new Bullitt movie, directed by Steven Spielberg, be coming soon?

The legendary title is set to return to the big screen! What’s more directed by Steven Spielberg! But if the inevitable Mustang were to play a lead role in it, it wouldn’t be a remake of the first film, however …

Steve McQueen started at full speed behind the wheel of his legendary Mustang in pursuit of a Dodge Charger on the streets of San Francisco… Imagining the scene is cool! We can soon see this kind of Chase racing on the big screen again! In fact, The title is expected to return to the cinema with none other than Steven Spielberg behind the camera. But there is a big “but” …

A new story

The US director is reportedly in the middle of a new Bullitt shoot. This is the site Deadline Hollywood Who shares this information. Corn Don’t expect to see the same scenes as in the first instalment Updated to 2022 version. Project that currently meets the topic of “Frank Bullitt project” will be another cop-centric story. Don’t panic though, Mustang should be.

A Mustang, yes, but which?

Currently, yes, but in what form? Will we see a 1968 Mustang Fastback playing the famous dark green or a special version of the latest generation of American? If not two copies… We even have the right to imagine it Ford is fabricating something special for us for this occasion! We will have to wait a little longer to get answers to our questions.

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