The USWNT players supported US football leader Cindy Barlow Conn

The USWNT players supported US football leader Cindy Barlow Conn

In the run-up to the United States Soccer presidential election, 32 players from the United States women’s national team supported the current Cindy Barlow Con.

From World Cup players including Megan Robinho and Becky Charbron to newcomers like Trinity Rodman and Ashley Sanchez, Cohn said he “deeply understands the work that needs to be done to continue to create equality.”

“The United States Football Confederation needs a leader who can move our game forward, not backward. That’s why we accept Cindy Barlow Conn for the presidency,” the players wrote Friday. And we appreciate his commitment to his players at all levels, from our national teams to the locals.

Elections will be held Saturday at the U.S. Football Annual General Meeting in Atlanta. Only US soccer voters are eligible to vote in the election, and USWNT players are represented by the 23-player Athlete Council. The letter was signed by Alex Morgan, Ali Grieger, Sovereign Brun and Lynn Williams, who sit on the Athletics Council.

Cohn is competing against former U.S. football captain Carlos Cardiro, who resigned in March 2020. Corteiro faced backlash from sponsors and other stakeholders accusing the federation of sexual harassment used in court cases during the USWNT equal pay case.

The players in their favor did not mention Corteiro, but earlier this week Robinho made it clear where his support was, with Cardiro telling reporters “certainly not my vote, it certainly is.” On February 22, during joint media appearances with Robinho, Cohn and other players, both players and US Soccer settled an equal pay case.

Letters signed by: Jane Campbell, Alana Cook, Abby Tolkember, Diana Davidson, Crystal Dunn, Adriana Franch, Morgan Goudrat, Ashlyn Harris, Ashley Hatch, Tobin Heath, Lindsay Horan, Sophia Horde, Kristie Mewis, Sam Mewis, Morgan, Casey Murphy, Alyssa Naeher, Kelley O’Hara, Mallory Pugh, Midge Purce, Rapinoe, Rodman, Sanchez, Sauerbrunn, Sophia Smith, Emily Sonnett, Andi Snette, Williamslivan

“We value Cindy’s honesty, her passion for the game as a former player and coach, her practical approach as a business leader and her commitment to her players at all levels, from our national teams to local,” the players wrote. “We see how much our colleagues in the United States Soccer Federation – from staff to executives – appreciate Cindy’s leadership and the cultural advances she has won.

“Women’s sports around the world are changing fast. The efficiency of the game has never been higher, and it accelerates – and the global interest of fans, sponsors and the media continues to grow. This is an exciting time for our game.

“Cindy has a deep understanding of the work that needs to continue to be done to create equality, build fair structures, improve the safety of players of all ages, and remove barriers in our sport and world. Within the United States Football Federation, our latest settlement of the Equal Pay and Working Conditions Agreement between men’s and women’s national teams , Demonstrates its commitment to action.

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