rataalada.com : Batman’s post-credits scene, illustrated

rataalada.com : Batman's post-credits scene, illustrated

Marrakesh, 4 March. (Morocco-news) –

“The Batman In cinemas now. Bold and dark look by Matt Reeves, with Robert Pattinson Like The Dark KnightIt’s going to become a new cinematic event that will take cinema by storm and bring audiences back to cinemas. And though Strictly is not a post-credits sceneThe film presents A surprise after completion It will spark curiosity about it.

((Warning:this message contains spoilers))

Site The “scene” in question is not such a scene. Instead of an order in the end credits, The film decides to continue acting with Enigma rules.The main villain played by Paul Dano. When the end credits are finished and the screen turns black, the following text suddenly appears The word “goodbye” appears with the symbol of the villain, His little question mark. After that, the address of the website used by the character in the movie appears, rataalada.com. This style 1.0 site was authentic and initially served as a promotional showcase for the film.

Now, however, this website is pretty reminiscent of Matrix code, Enigma puzzle is a tool for expanding the game.. Once you enter the site, a question will appear with a message in English, “We play a game, just you and me? »As encoded in Web 1.0, the definitive or negative response is indicated by characters Y or NRespectively. If you type Y, Enigma will offer three puzzles. If they are successfully resolved, the villain provides access to an exclusive and unreleased scene.

In this view to download,, Bruce Wayne’s father, Thomas Wayne, appears in the scene, who plays a key role in an election commercial. In this he introduces himself as the mayor of Gotham, in which Edward nashton accuses the superhero’s predecessor of being a liar. “The truth about Gotham”?“, The villain asks, ending the video with his characteristic question mark.

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An innovative way to have a post-credits scene.In pure enigma style. On the other hand, this is an innovative way to bring the website, which has been active since December last year, to life. Before the release of” the Batman”, it was the subject of a clever advertising campaign.It features different puzzles and Easter eggs that represent the moments and characters of the film.

Batman It aims to be the first major hit of 2022. Forecasts from the US box office announce a start of more than 10 million euros. $ 100 million in its first weekend.. With Robert Pattinson starring, the cast has been rounded out by Paul Dano, Zoë Kravitz, Jeffrey Wright, John Turturro, Peter Sarsgaard, Andy Serkis and Colin Farrell.

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