Last details before the official announcement

iPhone SE

Apple’s next affordable smartphone, the iPhone SE 2022, will be the star of the next major announcement.

Apple will arrange Its spring key note on March 8th. In this case, we need to find the famous Apple brand new affordable smartphone. Two years after the second generation iPhone SE, Apple is expected to launch the new iPhone SE. The third representative of the series, this new model will occupy the middle range and compete with Android devices.

On Twitter, analyst Ming-chi Guo takes part before Tuesday’s meeting. Opportunity to summarize what to expect from this small phone.

High power and storage up to 256GB

For its new smartphone, Apple will always keep the design of the iPhone 8. Despite the age and already offered on the 2020 iPhone SE, it needs to be updated one last time. Inside, we expect more power because of the A15 bionic chip. The latter was a great success with the iPhone 13 and opens up the possibility for the new SE 5G to be compatible. An interesting argument from Apple is that it will add to its list an affordable device that is compatible with this network. This support, like the high-end models, is complete with support for millimeter waves.

On the storage page, Apple will add a third option to up to 256GB. This convenient size will be included in the 64GB and 128GB variants. Current iPhone SE. The rest of the specifications don’t change much, it still has a smaller 4.7-inch LCD screen. The Apple brand is particularly conservative, going as far as offering the same colors. So the new iPhone SE will be available in three colors: white, black and red.

The California-based manufacturer expects to export 25 to 30 million by 2022, the researcher added. Mass production will begin in March and will be available in April.

Is this the real Ming-chi Guo?

This information is based on the publication of a Twitter account in the name of the analyst (mingchikuo). Posted since March 2011, it is not very active and is not certified by the social network; Suspicion of user identity. Website 9TB5Mac Conducted the investigation and Confirms That’s the real Ming-chi Guo. Confirmation that motivates you to take these new components seriously.

For officialization, it is necessary to wait until March 8 and the beginning of the keynote address. We will be mobilized to find out the latest news from the Apple brand.

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