AfDB invests $ 3 billion in the African pharmaceutical sector

AfDB invests $ 3 billion in the African pharmaceutical sector

The Board of Directors of the African Development Bank Group has recently approved a strategy for quality health infrastructure in Africa for the period 2022-2030.

The strategy was developed in response to a call from the bank’s governors to uphold the company’s role in tackling Africa’s health infrastructure shortage highlighted by the Covid 19 epidemic.

The strategy adopted by the panel focuses on three types of health infrastructure that take into account the comparative advantage of the African Development Bank, which provides flexibility to respond to the diverse needs of African countries.

The strategy is based on national health systems and deals with three cross-cutting themes, namely strengthening health information systems, promoting innovation, promoting regional cooperation and synchronizing health policies and regulations, and policy dialogue and technical assistance.

“We must give confidence to the poor and vulnerable people by ensuring quality health care and access to health insurance and protection for every African, regardless of income level,” said Aquinas A., Chairman of the African Development Bank Group. Adesina said.

The Covid 19 epidemic further illustrates the shortcomings of national health systems in Africa, including testing and therapeutic deficiencies, and the belief that population growth in Africa will have an even greater impact on population.

In this scenario, Africa’s largest non-funded healthcare system requires about US $ 26 billion a year in capital investment.

As part of its health plan, the AfDB Group has pledged to invest $ 3 billion over ten years in the African pharmaceutical sector. The bank has also launched the multi-billion dollar Covid-19 rapid response facility to support African countries during epidemics.


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