Google signs agreement with General News Press Alliance

Google signs agreement with General News Press Alliance

On Thursday, March 3, Google announced an agreement with the largest French media association: the Alliance de la Press de General (APIG), which merges the national dailies (Les Echos, Le Parisien-Today in France, Le FigaroD) and regional (La Dépêche du Midi, southwest, west-France2), as well as the regional weekly newspaper. “This is a historic move” The American company evaluates in a press release.

The signing, however, is an important step in a long series that began in 2019 around the rights of neighboring countries. Developed by the European Commission on Copyright, they give the media the right to negotiate with digital sites’ pay to resume excerpts from articles. But discussions with Google, at the forefront with its powerful search engine and its news service, quickly stalled and French bonds complained to the Competition Commission. Contracts with certain topics are definitely established in early 2021 – including APIG. Le Monde, Le Figaro, Liberation Where Express – But the commission approved Google in July 2021 with a fine of 500 million euros and a restraining order.

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Thursday’s March 3 Agreement marks the end of a re-negotiation with the APIG in September and includes the recommendations of the Competition Commission: In particular, the calculation of the pay basis takes into account direct revenue (the ads that Google shows in search results pages that link to news sites) but indirectly (the Internet user’s subsequent consulting machine ).

This global amount will be linked to the bonus, according to the web visitor for each topic among the 300 titles of the APIG. “General Information Press”. Another criterion is the number of press cards – the media should reward and encourage many journalists. “Click Race” – According to Google, this should be taken into account by the end of 2022.

Discussion with press publishers

The amounts of the contracts have not been published by APIG or Google, but the agreement for neighborhood rights has been signed The world Order with the company, for example, 1 million euros per year. Neighborhood rights, as defined by law, are now subject to contracts separately from the showcase business license, as recommended by the Autorité de la Concurrence. This future service will be the new tab of the search engine in which Google wants to display the entire journal content, each media selectable. Showcase is the subject of a second framework agreement signed with APIG on Thursday. The service, which has already been launched in more than a dozen countries, including the United States and Germany, is expected to launch in France in the coming months after personal agreements with each of the relevant topics are formalized.

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