Australia hit by historic floods for 2nd time in 10 years

Les inondations de ce mardi dans le Queensland sont les plus importantes depuis 10 ans, au moins. © joojoo41, pixabay

The Australian east coast has suffered at least a dozen deaths after heavy rain caused massive flooding in recent days. This record rainfall is the result of the La Nina event, which could be exacerbated by climate change.

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Rain has started to intensify since last weekend in Queensland and New Zealand Wales South. On Tuesday, February 28, 2022, authorities ordered the evacuation of 40,000 people due to record rainfall on beaches near Brisbane. Another 300,000 Australians are currently in areas still at risk. 1,000 rescued in one day, mostly stranded on them Roof, Car Or on bridges in the middle of flooded cities. More than 15,000 homes and businesses will be submerged by water, according to initial estimates. A dozen deaths have already been reported, but the toll is not final. According to experts Weather Australians, this will be the biggest climate disaster since 2011. Recall that Historic flooding that occurred in Queensland in December 2010 and January 2011 I had considered ” An event that only happens once a century ». However, this historic flood of 2022 proves that such an event can happen again.

Heavy rains have lashed the region for days but, Meteorologist Australians surprised Period Event: if the extreme characteristic of the event was correctly planned, its duration was underestimated. Torrential rain has stalled longer than expected in Queensland, leading to this dramatic situation. In the most affected areas, between 200 and almost 400 mm were recorded at intervals of 24 hours. In the space of 3 days, the city of Brisbane received 80% of its precipitation Year. From Monday evening to Tuesday morning the Brisbane River suddenly rose to a height of 4 metres. In Lismore, one of the worst affected areas, the river rose to 14 metres on Monday night, an all-time high. In some cities, the amount of Water received in one day is completely higher than the average overall level in a year! Tuesday wednesdaycredit: Getty Images-Getty the rain hasn’t stopped and is shifting further south towards Sydney between this Tuesday and Wednesday.

La Nina event on issue?

The La Nina event continues for the second year in a row. La Nina and El Nino are two climate phenomena that are a Anomaly Of the temperature of part of the waters of the Pacific Ocean: La Nina occurs when the waters are colder than average, rather we talk about El Nino when the waters are warmer than average. These thermal anomalies of water, combined with other climatic parameters, have consequences Climate In the following months, mainly in the United States, Asia, Africa and Australia. For example, the year 2010-2011 was marked by a very strong La Nina event and its effects were devastating in many countries, including Australia, with unprecedented flooding. In 2021-2022, The effects of La Nina were well anticipated : For someone Drought And a Heat Exceptional winters in the confirmed southern United States, and heavier than normal than Australia, etc. On the other hand, the severity of La Nina’s effects is not predictable and varies from year to year, but it is more likely that global warming will worsen the event.

Heavy flooding occurred on that day Publication of the latest IPCC report, The aim is to warn world leaders about the extreme effects of global warming, including unprecedented floods.

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