Videos last up to 10 minutes

Videos last up to 10 minutes

Users TikTok Get more time to show off their talents. The Social Website It now allows you to post videos that last up to ten minutes, compared to three minutes so far. Initiative helps to compete above all else Web lightIts main competitor.

The decision was announced by several American media outlets and confirmed by Dictok’s spokesman, with the maximum duration increasing from one to three minutes to eight months. “We hope this will open up even more opportunities for our creators around the world,” said a spokesman for the Chinese group Bite Dance subsidiary.

The “tight” gap with YouTube

TikTok specializes in short videos, although very short, as many of them are less than a minute long, so TikTok will definitely hunt down the YouTube landscape for content directly generated by users. In March 2021, YouTube sought to establish itself in the TikTok area by introducing YouTube Shorts, which allow it to record videos of up to 60 seconds.

Insider Intelligence analyst Jasmine Enberg commented that the gap between TikTok and YouTube was “tight and long videos will help TikTok get back on track”. “Long videos provide opportunities for creators to make more profit, and open the door to additional formats to grow the advertising business on the social network,” he added.

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