“She ended up in pruth’ home!”(Video)

"She ended up in pruth' home!"(Video)

On Friday, February 25, 2022, French actor Benoit makimel received the Cesar Award for best actor from François clouset. Thanks to his stunning performance in the film “de son vivant” by Emmanuel Bergot, who won against comedian Pierre Nene, Gilles Lellouche or American actor Adam Driver, 47.

Upon receiving his award Olympia moved so much on stage that Benoît makimel dedicated his cesser to his wife, Margot Pelletier.

But this 47th Cesar awards ceremony was marked by another event. Isado Diallo Sagna, a nursing assistant, received the César Award for Best Supporting Actress for her role in “the fracture.” First and foremost for a non-professional actress, she took her clothes as a caretaker and wanted to greet her colleagues during her Thanksgiving speech. Invited in C à voussi last October, the young woman, a mother of 3 children, fatigued the daily lives of caregivers in France.

Benoît Magimel, who attended tonight’s show, spoke about the daily life of his mother, a retired nurse: “my mother ended up in prude’ home. Because we felt she had too many patients. But she was telling me that we didn’t abandon old people like that because it wasn’t numbers and it wasn’t a quota!”

With this lack of consideration, she was sick of it. We’re closing beds, while we’re facing infections like we never experienced, so it’s incomprehensible”.

Of the carers, she adds: “These are people who are tired and sick after a while because they feel lonely. It’s not just about appreciating them

Pictured with him by his César-winning Emanuelle Bercot, benoît Magimel plays the role of a young man suffering from an incurable disease. In the film, The Doctor Who follows the fate of the young man is a real doctor, played by the doctor Gabriel Sara, a famous cancer specialist.

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