In Australia, two rats and a frog escape the flood on the back of a snake

In Australia, two rats and a frog escape the flood on the back of a snake

Australia-it’s a pretty funny scene.┬áComing soon Frogs, Rats and insects then found trapped Torrential rain EastAustralia Have found the parade: surfing at the back Snake To get out of it, As you can seeVideo at the top of the article.

The scene, shared in three videos TikTok Having amassed more than seven million views, it was filmed by a resident of the West Queensland. At this stage, the severe weather caused water to swell to more than ten metres.

If the situation sounds silly, the reality is very different. These animals try very hard to escape, and there is no better shelter available than the back of this snake. A man can also be seen trying to retrieve them using an iron bar.

Sunshine Coast Snake Catchers, a snake rescue team, released the footage Facebook To encourage locals to be careful. Because of this flood, snakes seek shelter and can end up around houses or even inside.

The group also received several calls from local residents. Snakes had taken refuge in an umbrella or a mailbox.

But they are not the only animals affected by these rising waters. Videos show Kangaroos trapped in the water or submerged birds unable to fly.

The bad weather caused the deaths of nine people in the states of Queensland and New South Wales. Tens of thousands of homes were flooded. This required ransom actions not only of people but also of animals.

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