How to take menstruation into account in your company?

How to take menstruation into account in your company?

Half of the population experiences menstruation every month. Natural occurrence, menopause and premenstrual syndrome can have an impact on the daily life, physical and mental health and finances of the people involved. How do you take these parameters into account in your organization? How to make life easier for those who experience severe pain once a month or carry the effects of inflation and have no money to buy the essentials? Overview of existing and usable solutions in the business.

“Doctors now say it’s like the pain of a heart attack. So we go to work just to bear this pain for many years. Since we are trained to do this, we push the button and go to work! ⁇ On Instagram, the Video American comedian Shashir Jamata has been viewed more than a million times in three weeks. Thoughtless thinking about 50% of the world’s population testifies to its success in the absolute shortage in the world: in terms of menstruation.

In France, if at least 2 million people are affected by menstrual poverty, “44% of women have lost their job by themselves or know someone who has lost their job due to menstruation”According to a study conducted by the association Basic rulesMay 2021 with OpinionWay Neon, 90% of women experience menstrual cycle symptoms every month, According to American scientist and sports physiologist Esther Goldsmith. We find depressive symptoms such as lack of motivation, self-doubt, crying spells and low morale. What affects performance at work.

Even if the pain and symptoms are still badly treated by medicine and still prevented in many communities, you can act on these matters in your organization. How? ‘Or’ What? Here are our thoughts.

Install a product dispenser Seasonal magazines

Many educational institutions have implemented it At the beginning of the 2021 school year, The answer to the so-called “menstrual poverty”. Due to lack of money, some young women do not go to class because they cannot afford pads, tampons or menstrual cups. Others prefer to skip a few meals a month to get these basic necessities. In both cases, the results are dire: Lack of access to certain products can have serious consequences About the school and education of children and youth.

In the work world, the problem remains: your menstrual period will weigh in your wallet. In addition to purchases that are directly related to menstruation, you will sometimes need to invest in a bottle of hot water, take medication, and visit your doctor … If not, schools’ implementation is welcome.

Many companies offer such readymade season magazines Marguerite & Co., Purity, Time for business, jhoBut nothing will force you to use this kind of service. You can plan to buy pads and tampons yourself so that they are always available in your company’s toilets.

Donate menstrual cups and underwear

Products are opened from time to time for standard replacements such as washable underwear and straps or menstrual cups. Why not try to deliver Participates in funding some of its articles For the people your company needs? You might consider a partnership with a French brand In my underwear, Film Or Regene And Fembo.

Collection of periodic products

It’s good to think about your teams, but even better than thinking about others! By setting up a collection point on your premises once or throughout the year, you can involve all of your employees in the fight against menstrual poverty. For this, you can contact the association of your choice Basic rulesI ‘ADSF (Acting for the health of women) or even Housewife.

Provide delivery

Some businesses do not need to be constantly on the same site. Others allow employees to organize to their liking. So if possible, a company can offer the option of delivering to all its employees. about thisA simple alternative Those who suffer once a month (or more) should be allowed to rest with a hot water bottle on their stomach without enduring the discomfort of public transportation or the view of employees who are less aware of these issues.

Provide menstrual leave

These two simple words, together, can create a lot of reaction among us. However, the introduction of menstrual leave extends its rise In this world And in the minds of some in France. The first company to offer this in France was launched January 2021 only, reports Current H.R..

All female employees of La Collective, a cooperative that specializes in recruiting donors for voluntary organizations, have been affected by the move. Surely, to benefit from this extra (and optional) leave per month, 16 women (out of a total of 37) need only send an email to the company’s managing director. The “Privacy of Information” Guaranteed, we can still read on the site. Salary will be paid in full as on other holidays.. This is not a strike because menstruation is not a disease.

In France, such an initiative is still very rare Debates But this question deserves to be asked of its management, its managers and all its teams. For Dimitri Lamoureux, co-manager of La Collective, the implementation of such a move is obvious. “This leave avoids double penalties: physical pain and loss of pay”He said Current H.R..

General consideration of the rules in the world of work

There are many traps at this point, you should not fall into it. First, they need to reduce the number of victims in their menstrual cycle. Many women often hear this violent and demeaning response on the playground or in meetings: “Do you have menstruation or what?” ⁇. A question aimed at invalidating any emotion (anger, sadness) in favor of a simple biological fact. The second point is about the number of your employees: the bigger the pay, the harder it is to take into account the uniqueness of each. That being said, it has everything to gain a corporate culture that promotes communication and organization.

This was shown by a scientist named Esther Goldsmith. In view of his studies on the menstrual cycle, he explains it “It’s good to plan important meetings.” When a person feels overwhelmed by the ability to ‘act’ or when anxiety levels are low. ⁇ In the midst of premenstrual syndrome, it is a good idea to review your priorities (And only if) One has the feeling of being overweight. It can be imagined that it is a disadvantage for women and menopausal women, but thinking well and working according to one’s feelings can be very effective.

In anticipation of the Women’s World Cup, Esther Goldsmith is an example of a women’s soccer team in the United States adapting their training and diet to their cycles. Mary Clary. Results? The team led by Megan Robino won the championship.

By making the rules simple and common, we increase trust between management and all employees. What negative can happen if you take things from this perspective?

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