Batman or cat and Bat game

Batman or cat and Bat game

On March 2, 2022, a new film adaptation of Batman will be released in France. Since its debut at N°27 of Detective Comics In 1939, the story of the Dark Knight (The Dark Knight) Has been adapted several times for the film.

Cover of Detective Comics #27 (May 1939).

In 1943, it was first turned into a serial (a suspense film novel) directed by Lambert Hillyer, and in 1966 was adapted by Leslie H. Hill. A franchise began in 1989, directed by Tim Burton. Seven films will follow under the direction of different directors, not counting the franchise’s acquisition by Warner studio for five years (2015-2020).

“What’s all black and blue and dead? »

Poster the Batman (2022) with the Riddler.

In March 2022, it is director Matt Reeves who gives Batman a new vision by confronting him for the second time in cinema in the Sphinx, aka the mystery man or the Riddler (“listener of puzzles”), after Batman Forever In 1995. Only this time the director proposes to show the dark face of the Sphinx and the hitherto little-explored aspect of Batman in film adaptations.

He really needs to investigate by exploiting his detective skills. But superhero alone doesn’t have to play puzzles. The audience led, in a one-on-one, Batman manner, to solve Riddler’s puzzles Dedicated website, Breaking down the boundaries between reality and fiction. “What’s all black and blue and dead? “We question the Sphinx (the answer is Batman). This promotional game already began with an intriguing motion poster presenting Batman in profile, before leading to a question mark with some puzzles.

This principle of gamification “Contributes precisely to the mixing of fact and fiction, “truth” and”lie”. According to Professor Helene lariches of ensau (École Nationale Supérieure d’audiovisuel) in Toulouse. Had proved to be a Essay on mediagenic treatment of Batman, This is not the first time the public has been brought to play on promotional strategies around film adaptations of Batman, or to see the fictional mix even with the real ones.

“Why so serious? »

For promotion of the film The Dark Knight (The second installment of the Christopher Nolan trilogy), an extensive transmedia campaign was set up, which began in May 2007 for release in July 2008 (in the United States). A choice related to Warner’s direction since its merger with AOL: to promote the main product through new means of communication.

“Why so serious? “To The Dark Knight Movie (42 Entertainment).

The idea was to filter information through various websites and promote the film, thus setting up the film’s fantasy universe. Warner Bros. specializes in marketing a company called 42 Entertainment, asking to think about an advertising campaign related to the film. The company then embarked on advertising around a vivid narrative project; to promote the film, a campaign was built directly related to the world of fiction.

Mixing viral promotion and alternate reality, the 42 provided entertainment viewers with many games, videos, websites, anecdotes and clues about the film to become citizens of this fictional Gotham. Titled ” Why so serious? “(In reference to a famous line stated by Joker in the film performed by the late Heath Ledger), The campaign was recognized as one of the most innovative in Hollywood history according to the Los Angeles Time newspaper.

This kind of storytelling can be called “transmedia storytelling”, namely “A process in which elements of a fiction are dispersed across various media platforms with the aim of creating an integrated and integrated entertainment experience”.

Website of fictional candidate Harvey Dent. 2008 Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc.

Based on lawyer Harvey Dent (double-faced) fictional campaign to become Gotham City Attorney, viral marketing is unfolding. The year of the film’s promotion becomes Harvey Dent’s campaign year, which sets the plot around the film. The slogan” I believe in Harvey Dent” Candidate’s campaign website. This was even made possible by registering on the site to receive a campaign sleeve from the candidate.

“Think outside Pandora’s box”

In the same way, the promotion around the film Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (2016) does he mention the aesthetic and narrative standards of this double fictional universe, especially in the American Journal” advertising ” through the process Luck With an article dedicated to Lex Luthor, one of the main protagonists of the film.

The theory, in 2014 by researcher Valérie Patrin-Leclère, features” publicitarization” “To the media, examine what advertising does in their form and content”, “to interfere with editorial content, for example in the context of journalistic therapy or product placement”.

Warner Bros. and WIRED Brand Lab had then imagined Superman’s (fake) interview with the enemy, on a site dedicated to the film –Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (2016). During this interview with journalist Ron troop, Lex Luthor explains his company LexCorp project, which differs from its rival Wayne enterprise: “to allow justice to move on to this new global paradigm, we must improve, invest in new technologies that create profound change, think beyond Pandora’s box. Who has the resources to do that? Government? No. The only thing holding this old handbag now is a mountain of incomprehensible paperwork. Vigilantes like Batman? OK, but if they have endless riches at their fingertips. »

It is a strong fantasy anchor in the marketing strategy used around the film, in the same order as previous communications. Therefore, in the latest film adaptations of the Dark Knight, we deal with a strategy to distinguish between the economic and creative spheres. Promoting the porosity and narrative of the medium is a question that disturbs the boundaries between reality and fiction. Thus, advertising campaigns make it possible to imagine a seminal shift between the fictional universe and media devices guided by economic logic.

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