Realmy plans to charge insanely fast to tackle Xiaomi at MWC 2022

Realme is preparing a 200 W fast charge that will be released in MWC 2022. To be proud of being the fastest solution in the world, it is necessary to break the record set by Xiaomi.

The world's fastest charging teaser

The world’s fastest charging tease // Source: Realme

MWC 2022 is slowly developing in Barcelona. Brands are getting ready for this event, which is at the forefront of the technology calendar – despite the epidemic. Stir in sauce, Realme is already teasing an important announcement By promising The world’s fastest charging technology“. The Chinese manufacturer runs the secret card, asking its fans to guess how effective its solution will be.

Gold, Kismosina They say they were able to get their hands on the charger’s photo Real Not yet revealed.

It is said to be a 200W charging block from Realme

It is said to be a 200 W charging block from Realme // Source: Gizmochina

In the figure in question, we can see some characteristics of the volume and specifically mention the maximum output of 20 V – 10 A, which is 200 W – voltage (V) x current (A) = power (W).

Realme wants to beat Xiaomi

The goal here is very clear: Deal with Xiaomi and its hypercharge at 200 W. The 4000mAh battery can be recharged in 8 minutes. So Realme has to do better than that to really get the title of the fastest fare in the world. All knew Assure of possible hazards to the battery.

We also find a sample number: VCK8HACH. It remains to be seen whether this charging block will actually be announced at the Mobile World Congress. As a reminder, the brand is also looking forward to its latest releaseFlagpole, Realme GT 2 Pro. Another thing to keep in mind: Realme already has up to 125 W for fast charging, but the solutions marketed by the manufacturer currently do not exceed 65 W.

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