Harry Potter fans, you’re not going to recognise Daniel Radcliffe! (Photo)

Harry Potter fans, you're not going to recognise Daniel Radcliffe! (Photo)

Daniel Radcliffe, the starHarry Potter, A movie will feature musician and comedian Weird Al Yankovic playing. As the first photos of the shoot prove, he is a character who has completely transformed himself.

Are you a fan of film adaptation Harry PotterThe successful saga by Rowling, whose cast met on January 1 in Salto and soon after for an event that aired on TF1? You’re not going to recognize Daniel Radcliffe in his next role, which gave the young hero his features, as none other than a biopic! In fact, as the US site suggests People, The British actor, now 32, will play the on-screen musician and comedian “Weird Al” Yankovic. The first pictures circulated on social networks were incredible: Daniel Radcliffe has now officially joined the list of comedians who have been turned down for the needs of a role! The movie will be titled Weird: the Al Yankovic story. Artist, by his real name Alfred Matthew Yankovic, Famous for its parodies. To be like him, the face of that young wizard is now known and changed all over the world!

With a wig and mustache, Daniel Radcliffe is unrecognisable!

In fact, if A priori The two artists have nothing in common physically, the actor of Harry Potter Not half doing things to look like her. In one of the footage published in the press, Daniel Radcliffe can be seen wearing a camouflage print shirt and black trousers. Underfoot, he wears black and white vans.

A look that does not stick to the usual style of the actor. Especially since the hairstyle, changes are also observed. So, in the same shot mentioned earlier, Daniel Radcliffe wears a curly wig while a moustache is stuck under his nose! Some clues that already promise big surprises to comeā€¦

“It is for this role that future generations will remember him”

“I have no doubt that it is for this role that future generations will remember him”, Joked about Daniel Radcliffe and this Alfred Matthew Yankovic biopic cited by People. Since adolescence, the latter has parodied various radio hits; he has notably covered iconic songs starting with Michael Jackson For Billy Ray Cyrus. “When my last UHF movie was released in 1989, I made a solemn wish to my fans that I would release a great movie every 33 years, like clockwork, Then clarified the artist. I’m very happy to say we’re on time.”

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