Many deaths and significant material damage in Northern Europe

Many deaths and significant material damage in Northern Europe


The epicenter was reported below the Pacific Ocean floor, however; no tsunami alert was issued. Millions of homes were without electricity on Saturday.

Eunice storm Continued to wipe out northwestern Europe On Saturday, February 19, at least 16 people were killed and extensive property damage and massive power outages were reported.

Trained in Ireland, The storm passed over a part of the UK on Friday Then from the north of France, a large northern third of it was placed on red alert until Saturday morning, before continuing the route from Penelox to Denmark and Germany.

In Germany, a spokesman for the railway company Deutsche Bahn said “more than 1,000 kilometers of railroads were damaged”, mainly due to fallen trees, which paralyzed traffic in the north of the country.

The peak of Storm Nevertheless, the warning of the German Meteorological Service (tertiary level four) was removed.

Hundreds of planes, trains and boats across northwestern Europe were canceled due to strong winds blowing from Eunice within 48 hours of Hurricane Dudley (at least six people died in Poland and Germany).

At this point, 16 deaths have been reported due to Eunice: four in Poland and the Netherlands, three in the UK, two in Germany, one in Ireland and two in Belgium. A 37-year-old man was hit in the head by a solar panel that flew over his head on Friday, according to Ghent police. Trees fall on vehicles and fall victim.

Millions of homes have no electricity

In the Netherlands, the capital, The Hague, dozens of homes were evacuated for fear of the church’s bell tower collapsing. The Dutch train network was disrupted and the Talisman-Amsterdam-Brussels links were disrupted, with no resumption expected on Saturday, a spokesman said.

In the UK, winds of 196km / h were unheard of in the Isle of Wight – 226,000 homes in the country were without electricity on Saturday afternoon, with insurers estimating damage of more than மில்லியன் 300 million. (360 million euros). According to local officials, millions of them are in the same situation in Poland, and many train connections have been suspended.

The UK Met Service has issued a red alert – maximum – for South Wales and southern England, including London. This is the first time the British capital has reached such a level of alert since it came into force in 2011.

Fear of flooding in the north of France

In the north of France, about thirty injuries have been reported from road-related road accidents or falling objects. About 37,000 homes were without electricity on Saturday morning and some regional train connections were cut off.

Strong winds and high waves raise fears of flooding, especially with heavy rain expected on Saturday.

Cross-channel ferry traffic was disrupted, hundreds of flights were canceled on Friday, and road and rail traffic was affected.

In France, waves of more than nine meters are sometimes reported in Brittany, as well as winds of up to 176 kmph in Cape Cris-Ness (north).

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