Despite his recent relegation, Djokovic is keen to return to Australia

Despite his recent relegation, Djokovic is keen to return to Australia

Novak Djokovic, who is in Dubai discovering tennis courts, told Serbian media R. Kelly about the events in Australia.D. S. The world number one believes he wants to return to it in the future, despite a tense situation about refusing to be vaccinated.

Even though the Australian Open is several weeks old, it’s hard to forget the events that took place. Well set to participate despite his unvaccinated status, Novak Djokovic saw the Australian government force him not to participate in the tournament, and ended up being eliminated from the territory.

Following several twists and turns, the Serbs had to leave Australia. Weeks later, the tennis player will again play as part of a tournament in Dubai. R. Kelly on his intentions in the future.D. S asked, Djokovic surprisingly did not close the door to a return to Australia: “I will only remember Melbourne for the right things, he promises. I had some great times there. I have nothing against the Australian people. The situation was unexpected and it’s hard for me to forget what happened, but I want to return to Australia in the future.”

Should such a return occur, the issue of health protocol put in place by Australians will no doubt be investigated. Especially if Serbs are not vaccinated.

Support from Djokovic and the Serbs

The tournament is not the only reason for this desire for the world number one to return to Australia. While he was quarantined in the hotel awaiting his fate, the athlete was pleased to see many showing him support. A focus that touched him strongly: “I felt prayers and a lot of support (…) They gave me their support, love and a lot of strength.”

In order to thank them, the 34-year-old wants to be able to work in Australia: “I am very grateful for the support given by Serbs living in Serbia and Australia. One of the main reasons I want to return to Australia is to thank them personally for asking for my freedom.”A strong gesture judging by the tennis world, if Djokovic is allowed to play in this country again, it doesn’t really save him.

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