Brisbane City wins 2032 Summer Olympics

Brisbane City wins 2032 Summer Olympics

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Only one in the running, Brisbane hosted the 2032 Summer Olympics on Wednesday, two days before the opening of the Tokyo Games to allow the Olympic world to prepare for the future, troubled by surcharges and the pandemic.

The suspense was thin. I met in Tokyo for their 138th session. Oh. C members elected Brisbane as host city Olympic Games Summer 2032. So the Australian city will beat Paris, host of the 2024 Olympics, and Los Angeles, which hosts the event in 2028.

The world’s largest sporting event was never handed down without competition, and eleven years earlier, the fight between candidate countries has halted Olympic life for decades.

But the Queensland capital adopted a new practice introduced in June 2019 to protect the organisation of the games despite a shortage of candidates: at any moment, I.Oh. C can now begin a “targeted dialogue” with a city whose file looks attractive enough – which would mark the road to its official position.

Behind-the-scenes goodbye costly lobbying, vote-buying scandals like at the 2002 Salt Lake City Olympics, where delegates hold their breath, then hugs or tears broadcast around the world.

Queensland capital’s” irresistible ” plan

Australian I.Oh. Helped well by the influence of C vice-president John Coates, Brisbane had been on track to secure the 35th Summer Games since February, despite Qatar’s Olympic ambition and then north and South Korea’s collective effort. None of these dossiers were put to a vote of the session.

In June, I.Oh. C boss Thomas Bach praised the Queensland capital’s “irresistible” programme and Australians ‘ “their sport and athletes,” as well as their ability to “inspire athletes from all over the world and welcome them.”

The excitement was noticeable at the Olympic Games in Melbourne in 1956 and then in Sydney in 2000, which is considered one of the most successful Olympic editions. If the games are above all a gigantic television event, the local reception colors the atmosphere – the Rio 2016 Olympics disappointed in their sparse and sometimes hostile stances.

Australia, a rare country that has never missed its version of the Summer Games, is also” a huge Olympic Village ” with many of its nationalities, ethnic origins and around 300 languages spoken, Prime Minister Scott Morrison argued by videoconference on Wednesday.

Already a candidate for the 1992 Olympics was eventually awarded to Barcelona, the organiser in 2018 of the Commonwealth Games, with the Queensland region also promising “84% of existing and temporary sites,” a key benchmark since the Olympic body began hunting for white elephants.

Existing infrastructure and budget of 2.8 billion euros

After Asia this year, then I of Paris-2024 and Los Angeles-2028.Oh. Its designation also endorses the traditional continental cycle organized by C. Africa, on the other hand, is still waiting for its first Olympic Games.

The metropolis of 2.3 million people expects a clear gain in international notoriety from the games, while it is considered by many tourists to be a simple gateway to the Great Barrier Reef.

“Everywhere I’ve travelled, people ask me’ Where is Brisbane?’, And you have to take a map to show you’re an hour by plane from Sydney, ” says Queensland Olympic Council President Natalie Cook. “It’s going to change, it’s very exciting.”

His document foresees a budget of 4.5 billion Australian dollars (2.8 billion euros), justified by existing infrastructure and far less than the 13 billion euros spent at the Tokyo Olympics.

However, Millicent Kennelly, a tourism and sport lecturer at Griffith University (Brisbane), told AFP that these predictions “should be taken with tweezers,” given the organisers ‘ continued difficulty to keep budgets on nails.

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