Meta introduces Facebook news in France

Meta introduces Facebook news in France

After launching in the United States, Australia, Germany and the United Kingdom, it is France’s turn to benefit from the news feed designed by Facebook News, meta and dedicated to press content. Gradually, the tool Will be sorted And should be available By May for all French users.

What is Facebook News? How to use it? How can we access it?

You can access Facebook messages through the Facebook processor or the tab on the website. It is enough to configure its settings to take advantage of it. From there, you’ve got access to the top or bottom feature of your app between your profile and notifications.

In the same way

Flag of the United States and Texas.

Facial recognition: Meta charged by the state of Texas

Facebook News

The tab for accessing Facebook messages is to the left of the notifications. Screenshot: Meta.

In the tool, we can find several sections: “News on the front page” that reflects information at this time, thematic sections are proposed (sports, entertainment, politics, local, international news, etc.) and the “Packages” section provides various thematic files on current topics, such as maps, charts or Will be explored further with the help of videos.

Sports Section - Facebook News

The game section of Facebook News will be like this. Screenshot: Meta.

Unlike Google News, which picks up articles published across the Internet, Facebook wants to target the articles they highlight. An independent panel of experienced journalists selects the most relevant content in conjunction with AFP subsidiary Media Services, which specializes in verifying content and its credibility. Meta has developed this technique so that its tool can deliver ” A “reasonable” view of the information published by publishers and broadcasters“.

Facebook News wants to avoid fake news at all costs

As part of Meta’s continued commitment to journalism and content creation, this new tab provides people with a unique place to find the most important stories, while original media content contributes to a wider distribution across the country.Meta announces.

Thanks to the collaboration with the Alliance de Presse d’Information Générale (APIG) more than a hundred media outlets will be partners of Facebook News. Thus, national dailies (Figaro, 20 Minutes, Le Parisien-Aujourd’hui en France, La Croix, Les Échos, Le Journal du Dimanche, etc.), local dailies (La Dépêche du Midi, La Provence, Le Dauphiné Libéré, Le Progrès, La Voix du Nord, Nice-Matin, Sud Ouest, Le Télégramme, etc.), or many specialized media (L’Équipe, Capital, Geo, Gala, Femme Actuelle) offer their articles on the service.

The US company has been in talks with French newspaper publishers since 2019 so they can be at the center of the content that Facebook News delivers. The goal is to deliverThe diversity of trusted and trustworthy content has an impact on the lives of users and those around themIn the words of Meta.

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