Spider-Man no way home passes “avatar” at the US box office!

Spider-Man No Way Home passe devant «Avatar» au box-office américain !

Spider-Man fans could be in for a treat. And for good reason, the no way home component passes “avatar” at the US box office.

Once again, Spider-Man no way home is too loud. And for good reason, The film goes through Avatar at the US box office. MCE TV tells you everything from a To Z!

Spider-Man no way home hardcover

It’s no secret that various parts of the Spider-Man sagas are hitting shelves around the world. Yes, Then they experience a crazy success And looks unanimous. Well done!

It must be said that the production really puts the small dishes for this new Spider-Man in the big ones. And for good reason, Spider-Man’s three cult actors They found themselves on film sets.

Yes, Tobey Maguire, Andrew Garfield and Tom Holland They are currently responding. In fact, the latter again agreed to wear the famous blue and red suit. Moreover, the result will explode!

In short, Spider-Man’s most loyal fans Seemed awful at the pictures. It must be said that the appearance of Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield did not leave anyone indifferent. Yes, so!

So there are plenty of go-to entries to watch Spider-Man no way home. By the way, some visitors Even on the big screen have been watching the movie several times. So to the delight of actors and their production teams.

In short, Spider-Man no way home actually broke all records. That this picture is a real card full of Even manages to overtake avatar at the US box office. MCE TV tells you more!

The film is ahead of Avatar at the US box office

This year 2021 has really been rich on the film side. And for good reason, Several projects have landed on the big screen And caused a stir. This is the Spider-Man no way home that found itself in the heart of all eyes.

As a reminder, the film was highly anticipated by Spider-Man fans. And for good reason, A rumour about the return of the iconic cast The superhero was spreading on the web. To the delight of the audience, the rumor was confirmed. Very cool!

Faced with this crazy success, the no way home component later won at the US box office. And for good reason, It ends in fourth place with $ 7.15 million Of revenue for its 9th weekend of operation. Yes, so!

In fact, Spider-Man has no way home Manages to accumulate $ 749.8 million in the United States. Thus, the popular avatar is able to surpass the movie with its $ 749.8 million. In addition, it should do more strongly if we take into account the revenue from reruns.

In short, either way the House will be placed later Third place in the US charts of greatest hits. He gets behind Star Wars: The Force Awakens And Avengers : Endgame. So this is a real card full of Spider-Man. Well done!

Moreover, production does not want to stop such good momentum. And for good reason, A spin-off in the Spider-Man universe Looks in the works. In fact, Mrs. web Should land very soon.

One thing is for sure, Spider-Man fans aren’t at the end of their surprises. The latter should just stand. A case to follow then.

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