He has been living with a spider in his vehicle for more than a year

He has been living with a spider in his vehicle for more than a year

After finding a spider on his dashboard, the 42-year-old Australian decided to keep the beast in his vehicle to make it … His pet.

A pet like no other. Chris Taylor was in his car, in February 2021, when he found it on the dashboard, parked at a traffic light, a spider. The 42-year-old, who lives in Australia, decided not to chase the animal from his vehicle. Rather, he allowed him to stay, and baptized him with a friendly name: Steve. “I named her Steve because… Why not? »

It must be hoped that Spider Steve appreciates life in the Australian’s craft. A year later, this eight-legged companion is still there, according to Chris’s words, the report Mirror, Which doubled in size. “I got her out of the car a few months ago but the next day she was back under the sun visor. I don’t know for some reason, she loves being in my car. »

Steve, extraordinary co-pilot

Chris adapted to this existence, even if sometimes it was a little complicated. “When I fall on my lap without warning or I drive at 200 km / h i’m 10C above my head. I don’t like it when Me appears”, He further told the British newspaper.

Despite these few moments of stupidity, Steve has his usefulness too : “When there are passengers in my car, they are often surprised or shouted at. Steve is better at keeping me more alert when I’m driving”, Chris explained Mirror. In addition to the company, the driver appreciates the Spider’s presence because it allows him to save money: thanks to that, he says, no one wants to get in his car anymore, which allows him to save money on trips.

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