Video. Australia: he shops in a supermarket and finds an interesting Python

Video.  Australia: She is shopping at a supermarket and sees an impressive mountain snake

A woman came face-to-face with a python more than three metres long in a Sydney supermarket while she was looking for spices to cook a chicken that evening.

A frightening encounter. On Monday, August 16, an ashutrali woman came face to face with a non-venomous diamond python more than three metres long while shopping at a supermarket on the outskirts of Sydney, About ABC News.

“I was looking for something to put on my chicken that night, so initially I didn’t see it because it was curled up well behind small spice jars,” said Helena Alati, the woman who discovered the animal was crawling in a radius. The snake’s head was about twenty centimeters from her face when the Australian realised her presence.

The snake was then intercepted

Fortunately, Helena was trained to catch Alati snakes. After filming the impressive reptile and notifying employees, the young woman immediately returned home to collect her “snake bag”. So before releasing the animal into the wild, Helena Alati took part in the capture operation.

Supermarket chain Woolworths confirmed in a statement that a “slippery and rare customer was found in the spice aisle” at one of its stores on Monday morning. Suburb Sydney. No one knows how the snake managed to enter the supermarket.

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