Norway removes the remaining restrictions

Ph : AFP
Despite the increase in infections caused by the Omigron variant, Norway on Saturday lifted its latest anti-Govt restrictions by removing social remote methods and wearing masks in crowded places. “The distance meter is disappearing. We are removing the recommendation of social exclusion,” Prime Minister Jonas Kare Store told a news conference.

“Now we can have the same social interactions as before, participate in nightclubs, cultural events and more. And when we go to work on buses, trains and boats,” he added.

Norway has already lifted other restrictions on Govt earlier this month, such as restricting the size of telecommunications or meetings. The duty to isolate for four days after a positive Govt test was reduced to a simple recommendation on Saturday, while children with respiratory symptoms no longer need to be tested.

The head of government, however, stressed that “the epidemic is not over yet” and advised those who have not been vaccinated and those at risk to continue to adhere to social exclusion and to wear masks when distances are not possible.

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