Jim Carrey will reprise this cult role very soon

Jim Carrey will reprise this cult role very soon

In almost three decades, the comedy world has seen the birth of a string of talented actors. Among them: Jim Carrey. With his famous facial expressions and unforgettable laughter, Gary managed to make a name for himself with films like the 90s Ace Ventura, detective dogs and cats, Mask, Broken Or else The Truman Show. To the delight of his fans, the American actor will resume this cult role very soon.

An iconic actor

Over the years and appearances in cinema, Jim Carrey has given birth to a string of epic characters. Stanley ibkis, Ace Ventura, Lloyd Christmas, Truman Burbank, the Grinch, Bruce Nolan, Chip Douglas, the list goes on. Although Gary has been underrepresented in cinema in recent years, he remains one of the iconic figures of Hollywood comedy. This year, the American actor is set to reprise his role as Doctor Ivo Robotnik Sonic, The Movie 2, The first installment of worthy controversies is the continuation of the victim. But soon, Gary will bring out an outfit familiar to his fans.

Indeed, this weekend, on the occasion of the Super Bowl, Jim Carrey could be seen at the end of an ad that aired during America’s most important sporting event. This is the first time Jim Carrey has appeared in an ad. Its first, So Gary is going to reprise one of his iconic roles. It’s a boon for his fans to be able to enjoy the return of a cult character and his first promotional appearance.

However, this is not the first time an American actor has reprised one of his leading roles on the occasion of the Super Bowl. Fans of this American-style show were thus able to find Jeff Bridges in the dude (The Big Lebowski) Or Bill Murray as Bill Connors (An endless day). Especially since Gary may not be alone in hosting this anticipated event as actor Mike Myers should reprise his role as Doctor Evil this year.

Unexpected return

This weekend, Jim Carrey is going to bring back one of his most famous roles, namely Chip Douglas, aka The Cable Guy, in Broken. It was directly through his Twitter account that the actor warned his fans.

This Sunday…He’s back… He wants to connect! 8^• pic.twitter.com/NZuTldXp5B

February 11, 2022

Although the ad itself did not leak, Verizon was able to provide some details about this unexpected return :

Gary was so excited to do it and felt it was the right time-there’s no better time than the Super Bowl to do something like this“Andrew McKechnie of Verizon said. “When the audience sees it, I hope they get the impression that this is a great story, from a cultural point of view, 25 years later, what type Cable.”

With this unexpected return, Chip Douglas will have to face the 21st century and its technological advancements. Cable is making almost ancient history in an era dominated by streaming. It remains to be seen how Douglas will accommodate this level of change. The answer as of this weekend.

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