Jean-Paul Belmondo: why he refused to star in Kev Adams ‘ latest film

Jean-Paul Belmondo: why he refused to star in Kev Adams ' latest film

Kev Adams, who soon featured in Maison de retraite and was invited to the occasion this Saturday, February 12 at est en Direct, revealed why Jean-Paul Belmondo refused to star in his latest film.

Kev Adams is on all fronts. After a tour of cinemas across France to present her latest film on stage preview and run-ins for her next show, the actor and comedian was invited this Saturday, February 12 We live Currently in France 2 Retirement home, Which he co-wrote.

The prospect of the young man returning for an interview with Jean-Paul Belmondo marked him a lot. He was originally chosen by Kev Adams to star in his film, but had to be refused.

“I don’t feel like I’m doing everything you ask me”

The young actor then recounted his moments he shared with Jean-Paul Belmondo, offering to cast him in his film: “I was lucky enough to go see Jean-Paul in the South. We discussed the film. I gave him the script and it was two years ago. He had read it very carefully. Three weeks later he had given me an appointment in Paris” He said. Kev Adams later believed the actor had found his film “Very good, very funny and at the same time full of emotion” But he was eventually forced to refuse the role assigned to Gerard Depardieu because of his health. The comedian thus cited Jean-Paul Belmondo’s response to him : “I don’t feel like I’m doing everything you ask me”. Kev Adams later admitted to Lino Vardon role “Very physical, really”.

The returnee Sony He kept very good memories of this interview alongside Frank dubosque, as Jean-Paul Belmondo praised him very much and congratulated him on the film : “He said to me,’I need to ask you a question, eye to eye’. I remember, I was at the table with him and he said, ‘Did you really write this script?’I said to him,’ Yes, co-wrote, I didn’t write it on my own’ and he said, ‘if it’s you who wrote this script, you’re a good kid'” Kev revealed Adams.

In the latter film, Gerard Depardieu repeated about his character, believing that he was “A good kid” Give a nod to the words of Jean-Paul Belmondo and thus pay tribute to him.

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