Unfortunately for Astra, it went wrong again after its rocket took off

Unfortunately for Astra, it went wrong again after its rocket took off

During the mission for NASA’s benefit, the Astra rocket encountered an anomaly in the middle, which prevented it from releasing its payload into orbit. This is another failure for Astra.

With the ugly success of companies like Aerospace and SpaceX sending rockets into space, one can forget that this type of exercise is very complicated. This is the bitter observation made by the young company Astra 2022 during its attempt to depart on February 10th. Unable to complete task.

We encountered a problem during today’s flight. I am very sorry that we were not able to deliver our customers’ payloads. I am with the data review team and we will provide additional information as soon as we can. », Commented casually Chris Kemp, Founder and CEO of Astra.

Almost consecutive defeats for Astra

This was a new defeat for Astra, who had a complicated start in space. All flights organized by the US company since 2018 have failed, with the exception of one in November 2021 – Astra claims success in the other two, but this report is controversial. The November flight was a demonstration for the benefit of the US space force.

Astra’s last misfire comes from August 2021, which attracted attention due to the rocket’s unusual behavior: instead of going upwards, it began to act as a kind of slide sideways. The event delighted social networks: several kidnappings and montages blossomed shortly after to slowly mock Astra’s setbacks.

Unfortunately for Astra, it went wrong again after its rocket took off
Astra Launcher. // Source: அஸ்திரம்

This new miss did not lead to the same jokes that would not make NASA laugh in any way: the customer of the plane that failed on February 10 is the American space agency. அஸ்திரம் He apologized to his partnerAs well as to other clients participating in the ELaNa 41 Mission (Educational Publication of Nanosatellites).

While this event has disappointed participants in Astra, NASA and ELaNa 41, its impact is measured in terms of the comparator value of the payload – these are cubes, tiny satellites (you have to imagine the dimensions of a showbox) and basically – have nothing to do with the catastrophic loss of the James Webb telescope.

If the payloads could not be brought into orbit, NASA understood. ” Such work is essential for the growth of new startups in this growing business sector. », Says in a press release. Other failures will occur. Because it is difficult to capture space.

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