China – The IFJ is “deeply concerned” about the lack of press freedom in Hong Kong.

China - The IFJ is "deeply concerned" about the lack of press freedom in Hong Kong.

Marakesh, 11 Feb. (Morocco-News) –

The International Federation of Journalists (IFJ) in Hong Kong is “deeply concerned” about the decline of press freedom and media closures, and warns that the current law “suffocates” journalists.

“The IFJ has been deeply concerned about the rapid decline of Hong Kong’s independent media and the safety and well-being of independent professionals and journalists since the enactment of the National Security Act in 2020,” he said in a new statement. Freedom in the region.

In particular, about 20 journalists and press freedom activists have been arrested in Hong Kong since the law came into force, while at least 12 media workers have been arrested on treason charges and awaiting trial.

The organization briefly stated that Hong Kong is becoming a “city of fear” where “open debate is stifled” and that the National Security Act “works effectively for all journalists.”

Also, after the law came into force, technology giants Facebook, Google and Twitter have warned that they will stop offering their services in Hong Kong and cooperate with the forces. Ordered to publish data of their users.

In this context, the report describes the large-scale closure of the free media in Hong Kong in the absence of freedom of expression on social media and in the press.

He also pointed out that the “red lines” for reporting are often vague: “What journalists allow and can be considered a violation of national security rights.”

The organization has appealed to the international community to support journalists who have to leave Hong Kong or seek temporary asylum, even if deported.

“In order to allow a wide range of reporting in Hong Kong, journalists and the media must have access to the visa,” the report said, adding that many foreign media outlets are subject to visa restrictions and renewals. They are used as a “control tool”.

“The IFJ notes that the synchronization of campaigns for the closure of civil society organizations violates the right of citizens to freedom of association under various international treaties and legal instruments, including the Declaration of Human Rights,” he said.

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