Jean-Pierre Seventh in the Bed of Industrial Sovereignty by Emmanuel Macron

Jean-Pierre Seventh in the Bed of Industrial Sovereignty by Emmanuel Macron

4:30 p.m. The public, who religiously listen to the President’s view of his energy for decades, refrain from applauding. The one at the table is not honored. But in that room is the iconic Jean-Pierre Sevenment of the Lion City. I would like to pay tribute to Jean-Pierre Chevènement who has been fighting for this file for decades without saving anyone. And the case is now coming to an end, ”he said. Emmanuel Macron said during his speech.

Lots of icons this Thursday afternoon. Speaking in front of the Arabelli steam turbine, Emmanuel Macron said he would bring back the national lap sold in 2014 by a private French company (Allstam) to a private American company (General Electric). – 2015. On March 9, 83-year-old Jean-Pierre Chevènement was another big sign during his visit. In 2014, when the will of a joint venture was put on the table in June, he denounced selling to Americans before deciding to do so. “Who owns the capital, who holds the decision”, He said specifically (Read our article). The joint venture did not last long and Alstom sold its entire stake in 2018.

During discussions with the unions, Jean-Pierre supported the Chevènement program. “I’m a witness to this whole affair, once things go in the right direction.” And add: “The president dipped his shirt. ⁇ The former minister also slipped that he was being prosecuted in connection with the sale to General Electric when Emmanuel Macron was not yet a minister when the operation began in April 2014. He was in lysée, the deputy secretary general of the cabinet of President Franசois Hollande. However, this is not the first time that Jean-Pierre Chevènement has backed top politicians, such as Belfort factories such as Nicolas Sarkozy during the 2004 Alstom rescue operation. “Whatever you want to take for Belfort, you have to take it”, he said. Jean-Pierre summarizes a close friend of the Seventh, who takes note of what the politician has already entrusted to him.

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