3 Unique Cities To Visit In Europe

Europe offers some of the most exciting experiences you can have in any area of the world. With so many different countries to explore, there’s going to be something that will draw your eye, and give you experiences that you can’t have anywhere else. Here are three different cities in Europe that you must visit at least once.

Paris, France

Paris is known as the city of love, and if you’re travelling with your partner then you’ve got to see it at least once with them. There’s nothing more romantic than strolling down the streets with them hand in hand, taking in the sights.

Everywhere you go in Paris there’s beauty. You can take in the amazing architecture, or admire the famous Paris style that the natives have. If you’re interested in art, then where else would you go but Paris? It’s home to some of the most amazing museums in the world, including the Louvre. You can see some of the most famous works of art here, including the Mona Lisa.

The food is another highlight of this city. Wherever you go there’s lots of delicious meals to be tried at some top restaurants. Pair them with a local wine and you won’t have a better meal anywhere else.


Monaco is the second smallest country in the world, beaten only by Vatican City. Even so, it has a rich and vibrant culture all its own that you’ve got to experience.

They’re famous for their casinos, with the top one being the Monte-Carlo Casino which is like the best online casino you’d find online. It’s an iconic building, and if you want to try your luck you can do so in one of their opulent rooms. There’s lots of amazing casinos to visit here, so if you like a flutter you’re in the right place here.

Monaco offers some of the most amazing shopping, too. It’s a haven for luxury label lovers, with designer labels like Chanel and Dior having a home here.

Overall, Monaco is a place of real glitz and glamour. Who wouldn’t love the idea of living the high life, even for a day or two? Whether you’re gambling, shopping, or just watching the yachts go by, you’ll love it here.

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Amsterdam is one of the most unique cities in Europe. See any shot of the city and you can identify it right away from the beautiful canals and bike riders everywhere. It’s actually one of the most pedestrian and bike friendly cities in the world. Hire a bike and cycle around to take in all the sights, and you’ll have an amazing time.

It’s also a city full of history, so you’ll be fascinated by all the museums you can explore. The Van Gogh Museum features 200 paintings and over 500 letters from the artist himself, and Anne Frank’s House is where you’ll see her hiding place during the war, as well as the diary itself.

As there are so many canals throughout Amsterdam, you’ll see that they’re a great way to get around and see more of the city. There’s no shortage of canal boat tours available, so you can jump on and be taken around on the water. You can even pick themed cruises, such as a romantic candle night cruise if you’re there with your partner.

These are three of the best cities in Europe that you must visit, at least once in your life. They offer a different and interesting take on life that you just won’t see elsewhere. The only problem is, once you visit you may not want to leave!

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