Scientists have revealed the exact cause of hair whitening.

Gray hair is now seen in young people as well as children. Scientists are trying to find out the reasons for this. Let us now find out what those details are. Gray hair was once more visible after the age of 50. It is said to be a sign of experience. But the current situation is different. Now there are cases of gray hair not only in the youth but also in the children. Scientists are constantly trying to figure out the reasons for this. First let’s find out why hair color turns white. According to Science Focus, melanin is the cause of dark hair. It is the pigment that gives color to the hair. When the body lacks it, the hair turns white.

The same rule applies to animals. Hair follicles contain cells called melanocytes. These prepare and release melanin. The result is black hair. Melanin production from these cells decreases as a person ages. The result is that the hair starts to turn white. However, at present its effect is not only seen in the elderly but also in the youth and children. There are many reasons for this. Malnutrition, smoking, illness, stress, etc. fall into this category. Researchers at Columbia University Irving Medical Center in New York conducted research to determine the causes of gray hair at an early age. Many surprising things came to light in it. Researchers say that stress is a major cause of gray hair. Their study also proved this. Scientists have found that the hair of those who are relieved of stress turns black again. Scientists make it clear that stress affects hair color.

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