Urbex in London: This abandoned school is frozen over time

Urbex in London: This abandoned school is frozen over time

URBEX – A pair of URBEX was able to break together School Dropped from Hertfordshire to north London. Some snippets are reminiscent of childhood memories and give the impression of never being ignored. You can see it in the video above the article.

Becky Starr is a caretaker and his partner Ricky works for a police helmet maker. Couples are accustomed to finding places Abandoned. The school was discovered by a local team. “In some places it looks like it was still used,” Betty told the store. Glass.

The school was abandoned 15 years ago when it was merged with another school. Both urbexeurs They were not allowed to go inside, but they slipped through the window.

Upon entering, the picture was taken Classroom, Meeting, and even a canteen where kitchen utensils are always present. Many plants had grown inside the rooms in this building Moisture.

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