Is there a cross-drama / cross-progress on Show 22?

Is there a cross-drama / cross-progress on Show 22?
When will MLB: The Show 22 be released?

Screenshot by San Diego Studio

Yes, according to developer San Diego Studios, MLB: Show 22 will feature cross-play and cross-progress. Although developed by the PlayStation Studio, the MLB: Show 22 will be available on Xbox consoles and for the first time on the Nintendo Switch.

Before last year’s title, MLB: The Show was a PlayStation exclusive, but with the show’s renaissance, the popular baseball sim is now available on all consoles. Players with quick games, ranking mode, online seasons, diamond dynasty and other consoles can go online.

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MLB: The show has a card collecting game mode called Diamond Dynasty. Players can create their dream list by collecting cards, completing challenges and knocking out other teams online. MLB: Show 22 will have cross progress, so players will not have to worry about losing their Diamond Dynasty or MyPlayer team when switching between console generations.

Screenshot by San Diego Studios

San Diego Studios has not released details on how Cross-Play and Cross-Progression will work, but more information will be available near the release date. Many fans may be wondering if Crossplay can be turned on or off, but San Diego Studios has yet to explain how this works. For now, players can pre-order the title and expect to be able to play on other consoles.

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