“You can get your ass out of here, stop whining”

NBA Le départ de Butler en 2018
NBA Butler left in 2018

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If you do not know the guy Kevin Garnett, know that the Hall of Fame sometimes had… overflowing behavior. In 2018, he let himself a violent outburst about Jimmy Butler! I have to say it’s about Minnesota, a sore point for the big man.

It is impossible to separate Kevin Cornet from the Timberwolves, in which he is the best all-time player. If he could not go far with them, the former Interior created a completely unique path between 1995 and 2007, becoming MVP in 2004. . Recently, he tried to buy the rights from its owner, to no avail.

Inevitably, Big Ticket particularly protects its former team and does not hesitate to protect teeth and nails. Ask a little Jimmy ButlerIn 2018, Full-Back made a play by forcing Tom Thibodo off his list. He also created an ontology scene during a work-out, He insulted Andrew Wiggins and Carl-Anthony Downs. An attitude that is not appreciated by the Hall of Fame, is relevant Athletes :

Kevin Garnett gets the Jimmy Butler case at T-Wolves

Garnett made it clear that the pre-game locker rooms for the KG-led teams were painfully quiet, a time of focus, preparation and attention. Casteism was imposed on those who did not support it. Dislikes … Well, here’s what he told me at the climax of the Jimmy Butler drama in 2018:

When I asked him, “I created this right,” he never asked why the trade. “I’m not going to give up this fucking right. This is what I say to Butler: You can get out of here. If you do not like it, get on the donkey.

Dude, you know what the situation is like when you sign up here, so stop lamenting. If you do not want to be here, go out. Guys know why they are there. Guys, you know what you’re doing. I never asked to trade because I did not want to trade.

K.G. During his career he was not known to be complacent when talking to his opponents in the trash, and did not change his attitude when he retired. History finally remembers Butler moving to Philadelphia a year later before signing in Miami and becoming an undeniable leader there. We will particularly remember the heroic finals against the Lakers in 2019-20, while Minnesota ended another season in the Western slums.

No matter how hard Kevin Garnett describes the situation, he is right about one thing: Jimmy Butler no longer makes sense to stay at Timberwolves. His departure was a blessing to all, including the absence of the owner’s collective decisions from it.

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