Video. Rugby 7. Thanks to Anne-Cecil Siobhani for the Blues’ record against Australia

VIDEO. Rugby à 7. L'exploit des Bleues face à l'Australie grâce à Anne-Cécile Ciofani

Les Bleues du 7 will definitely be in Olympic format. They won the silver medal last year Japan, They continue to impress on the world circuit. France 7, who played in the Seveille tournament this weekend, scored 83 points in two games against the team.Spain Then Belgium. The perfect start for the hops before facing a big area: Australia. The Frenchman, who faced the 2016 Olympic champions in Rio, showed a serious game Test By Chloé Pelle (6th). Taking a 10-7 lead in the second half, they were countered by defense with their X factor Anne-Cécile Ciofani attacking at the best moment. The best player Rugby 7 Put the wires in full axis to give France victory last year. Second against Australia in the world circuit.

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