When an NFL (US Football) player wears Escape From Tarkov shoes

When an NFL (US Football) player wears Escape From Tarkov shoes

An NFL footballer, apparently a fan of Escape From Tarkov, wore football boots with the image of the game during the game.

What surprised me when I saw this tweet Battlestate GamesDeveloperTo escape from TargoShows a player American football nflWith some Shoes Has our favorite game!

Opportunity makes me a huge fan NFL I watch matches of this famous game taking place in the United States. I saw the competition in question, but I did not notice the popular shoes.

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At first I believed the fake news and the information seemed very unreliable to me. Because I would not have believed that an NFL player would one day wear Targo’s name on his shoes during a game. Still, it happened.

Source: buffalobills.com

But who is this player?

This Gabriel DavisA player Pills de Buffalo. He plays the broad receiver, to those who know; For others, the quarterback is a receiver who catches the ball he throws. And apparently, in his spare time, he plays To escape from Targo.

The match was held against Leaders of Kansas City, During the playoffs. Simply put, the quarterfinals of the NFL Championship are aimed at winning the Super Bowl.

Source: beIN SPORT.
Tarkov Fini to escape from my endzone. Source: beIN SPORT.

Unfortunately, his Tarkov shoes He was unlucky because his team lost to the Chiefs after a completely crazy match. But personally, he had an exceptional game with four touchdowns!

Here is the summary of the meeting, you can see the most clearly stated shoes at 4:50 and 6:50.

However, it is not uncommon for NFL players to customize their shoes. The latest example is the Buffalo Pills player, too. Stephen Dix. Pills wore white receiver shoes in memory of John Madden, who died December 28, 2021. You should know the name of this coach and the name of the NFL commentator because he gave his family name to the US, the owner of the football video game: Madden NFL (Developed by EA).

For the record, during the development of Madonna’s first edition in the mid-80s, the studio wanted to keep only six or seven players per team due to technical limitations. Okay, John Madden said, “I’m not going to put my name on it if it’s not true.” This is how the game was released in 1988 with 11 players …

So much for this little message aroundTo escape from TargoWhich is unusual.


Madden NFL

Madden NFL (known as John Madden Football until 1994) is a series of American football video games created by EA Depro for EA Sports. It is named after professional football Hall of Fame coach and commentator John Madden, and has sold over 100,000.


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