Omigron: They have found a badge that detects the presence of a virus in the room

Omigron: They have found a badge that detects the presence of a virus in the room

U.S.A. researchers have developed a small device that provides information about the presence of a virus in a room. It is necessary for some places to control the circulation of the virus.

It’s a kind of small device like an air diffuser badge. But instead of making your living room fragrant, it analyzes the air around it and, above all, can alert you if it detects the presence of Sras-CoV-2 virus in the room.

Researchers at the Yale School of Public Health (YSPH) have developed this handheld device that can be useful for workers in high-risk environments such as health facilities and restaurants.

“With this device, the virus can detect less than the estimated level of infection of SARS-CoV-2,” said Crystal Gothry Polit, assistant professor of epidemiology (environmental health science) at YSPH. “This device is aimed at preventing the spread of the virus, which can occur when there is no early detection of exposure to the population.”

During the study, the researchers matched 62 volunteers who wore the device for 5 days. 5 of them were found to have viral RNA, 4 of them restaurant servers.

Fresh air clip (its name) is not yet available to the public. But if The study concluded, It will no doubt be very soon. Inventors announce a lighter and cheaper product.

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