The “big resignation” is spreading across the United States

The "big resignation" is spreading across the United States

Decryption – Voluntary departures have doubled since the onset of the epidemic.

Washington Correspondent

The massive voluntary resignation movement that has rocked the United States since the outbreak continues to surprise. Since the first prison, in March 2020, approximately 48 million Americans have voluntarily resigned. Nearly a quarter of employees in the United States plan to change jobs this year. Even in a country where the average employee normally holds their job for only four years, this wave is unprecedented.

As of November (the latest federal data available) more than 4 million Americans have yet to voluntarily quit their jobs. Before the epidemic, the number of voluntary departures was 2 million per month.

The wave was led by Anthony C, an administrative professor at the University of Texas A&M. Called “The Great Resignation” by Clotts. He was one of the few people who saw this wave of experts in work world psychology. “When we were human we knew …

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