Getting the NFL’s attention on TikTok and the pitch

Getting the NFL's attention on TikTok and the pitch

In one of his videos, he can be seen creating a 70-yard field goal, which has been viewed more than 3.5 million times on the popular stage. The NFL record is 66 yards, which was reached on December 4, 2020 Justin Tucker, From Crows From Baltimore.

The NFL is now following me on TikTok, He noted.

In the end, Vincent Plouffe did not want to be an influencer, but a footballer. He uses social media to attract more attention to his talent.

For me football has two sides. On the one hand, there is my desire. On the other hand, there is the feature Business, All that exists Branding And marketing my image through social networks. I want the two to come together to get better opportunities, He explained during an interview from Alabama that he is there after spending one and a half months in Florida.

Produced by Carleton University Ravens, Uncle Sam is in the ground to attend various rating camps in front of the trained eyes of NFL selectors who travel across the country to discover their best talents.

Vincent Blow kicks.

On TikTok, Vincent Plouffe’s publications received over 273,000 “likes” (archives).

Photo: Taken from Twitter / UR CURavensFB

Footballer Cégep de l’Outauais has dreamed of being created by the NFL team since his last season with the Griffons. In the summer, he attended a camp in Wisconsin with 700 kickers.

Then I took third place. At that moment I thought to myself: ” Where can I go if I put all my efforts in the right place? I started believing in the NFL, and Canadian Football League.

Vincent Bluff presents himself as someone who sees life as the famous Oscar Wilde. Always aim for the moon, because even if you miss, you will land on the stars.

I want to see 10 times more than I can achieve. I did not set any limits for myself. I know two kickers are drafted in the NFL every year. If it’s not me, I can always call the newcomer camp or play Canadian Football League.

I am well monitored. My agent, Stefano Magilva, of Outloys, helps me find all the opportunities to improve. I have a sports psychologist, good friends and good family.

A quote Vincent Bluff, footballer

New interim head coach Crows, Paul Eddy Saint-Vilien, Vincent Plouffe has only good words. He is an accomplished athlete. It will be in his hands to show what he can do and be consistent. The window is there.

Another hobby

The oval ball is not the only thing that impresses the Outlaw kicker. He is also a serious entrepreneur. Founded a company with a friend. Immediate management, Guides businesses in Ottawa and Catino to address labor shortages and respect all health instructions such as vaccination passport verification.

Happy players before a match.

Vincent Bluff says he grew up a lot as a man and footballer with the Ravens football project (archives).

Photo: Ravens de Carleton

Proper and structured, he arranges his days for a leg turn. In the morning, he is on the lawn of a field to chain his legs or practice in the gym. In the afternoon, he opens his laptop and manages his company remotely.

I have a good partner who manages operations in the field. In four months, we have achieved rapid growth. We now have 35 employees, Said proudly.

According to him, his businessman hat allows him Pick yourself up and move on His role as a footballer. No matter what happens to him in the spring, he wants to continue his two careers simultaneously and with ambition.

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