The Batman: Is the Robert Pattinson movie too long?

The Batman: Is the Robert Pattinson movie too long?

Batman is a new record. According to the American site IMDb, Matt Reeves’ movie “The Batman” is 175 minutes (2h55) long and is the longest film dedicated to the supervisor of Gotham City.

Christopher Nolan’s two previous films, The Dark Knight Rises (164 minutes) and The Dark Knight (152 minutes), had the longest previous record for a film centered on the Dark Knight. IMDb confirms the running time of the film is linked to the latest rumors about Warner Bros.’s reluctance. Between the two corrections, each lasts about 3 hours. However, Warner Bros. The length of the film has not yet been officially confirmed.

Of course, for serious fans, if you compare The Batman to the “Director’s Cut” version of Jack Snyder in the Justice League, it lasts until 4:02 or Batman v. Superman, which shows 3:02 on the clock.

But these are the pictures that Batman shared the poster with other DC Comics superheroes, and the habit of making these pictures last will push the audience. Among the longest running superhero films, Avengers: Endgame is the longest in 182 minutes in the entire MCU Saga and its theaters.

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