Seven ways to accelerate the numbers of Instagram followers, organically

Every Instagram user has a question about the possibility of growing Instagram followers organically! It is a simple social networking place and one of the best landmarks to present your brand visually. Instagram TV, Instagram Ads, and especially the Instagram Business Accounts have paved a different platform for marketers, influencers, and small and big business hubs to take it to the next level.

The context for using Instagram has undergone a considerable change. Now people hook here to connect with their favorite brands and services and shop from there. It is no more a hub to browse for old and new connections. Statistically, every eight people out of ten Instagram users follow one or more brands for sure.

If you also love Instagram and would love to grow here, there are only two ways to expand your followers’ list- you can either buy them or earn them organically. If you are a newbie and discovering ways to earn and decipher the reason to invest in growing your account, you have eventually landed up at the correct place. Here you will understand the right way to gain Instagram followers organically.

There is no need to get separated from your hard-earned money for gaining Instagram followers organically, remember consistency and keeping calm are the sole mantras. The Instagram algorithm helps you build your audience due to your consistency and expose you to your kind of audience. It allows you to grow your brand and also your followers list!

1) Creation of heart and eye winning content- Every Instagram user shares their best images and video over Instagram and gains almost one-fifth times better engagement than Facebook. Content is above all in Instagram, and there are specific tips that you should follow while you wish your content to be engaging-

  • Focus more on videos as they bring two fifth more engagement than any other method. Try to bring professional videos for the audience.
  • Your audience brings engagement, and remember to create content that attracts or can relate to them. Your first step should be to understand who they are!
  • Try to cover viral topics through YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, etc.
  • Hashtags are essential, and try to generate active hashtags in the search. It attracts followers on its own.
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2) Pre-planning your post and scheduling it- The most significant mistake committed by Instagram users is their negligence to post. Look for engaging content and schedule them for a week, fortnight, a month, or so as per your preference. The type of posting differs from product to product and as per the geographical location. It also depends on when one wants their post to be live.

3) Keep a good account of similar niche handles- Always maintain a competitor list in the identical or related niche you work. It gives you an idea to understand your targeted audience. Once you learn about them, understand the post that will grab maximum attention. Start by answering three questions?

  • Which topic will bring maximum engagement?
  • What kind of posts are capable of collecting maximum likes?
  • What is the frequency on which your rivals are posting?

Employ these tactics to grab the most. If you are already an influencer or a potential influencer, these tricks will attract more engagement than ever.

4) Following the followers who follow your rival’s page or profile- Once you have done the steps mentioned above, check your competitor’s profile link and their followers’ list as they already prefer your niche by liking your competitors’ page or profile. Follow each of them, but remember to keep counting the people you follow daily to 100 only, or else your account may experience suspension. Be slow in action and steady in content creation.

5) Leaving comments and liking over competitors’ follower’s lists- The best way to connect to your followers is by engaging on their posts with your comments. Your engagement on their post will inspire them to visit your profile, and slowly your account will grow with followers organically.

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6) Join hands with some engaging groups- There are so many groups over Telegram and WhatsApp where people are always active and show immediate participation by liking or commenting on the posts shared. These groups have a fixed rule where people have to engage in the links shared by others. Look for bigger groups and enjoy new 70-100 followers daily.

7) Consistency- remember to be consistent, and surely you will gain a thousand followers in 60 days. This popularity and followers will come without any extraordinary expenses. You will get real engagement and real Instagram followers through your effort.

Good hashtags play a vital role always, so be careful while choosing them. It will bring the kind of audience you always wanted. Slowly and organically, your Instagram followers will increase. You need to invest some minutes of your life and let your followers grow rapidly!.

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