The new Samsung Eco Remote recharges radio waves from wifi routers

The new Samsung Eco Remote recharges radio waves from wifi routers

Samsung’s Ego Remote, which can already be recharged with light through a small solar panel, will definitely be able to do without the wire by recharging with a radio wave this year.

Last year, the highest Samsung TVs – like Samsung Neo Qled QE65QN95A – Already the Samsung Ego Remote is fitted with a small photovoltaic panel that converts light into energy to recharge batteries. We already encountered this idea on TV that was tested in 2010 Philips 42PFL6805H Econova, This process has proven itself because this jacket always works without the use of batteries.

Wi-Fi wave absorption

In 2022, Samsung will develop its Echo Remote and introduce new technology that converts radio waves from WiFi routers into energy to recharge the battery built into the remote. Samsung has not only communicated about the absorption rate of WiFi waves to increase the efficiency and battery size of this technology, but also retains this remote control solar panel. The combination of the two technologies should allow the remote control to be performed without an external power source for the entire life of the product. As a last resort, there is a USB-C port on the remote control to recharge the battery directly.

The effectiveness of this radio wave converter technology is unknown, but it is considered to be very limited, which is why it is limited to simple applications such as the remote control which is not much used during the day. This technology opens up new perspectives for home automation applications. All small sensors, such as door-opening detectors, motion sensors, balance sensors, or wireless switches, can do this without recharging or replacing the batteries.

Wireless and remote charging

Last year, Presented by Xiaomi Mi Air Charge, Thanks to the use of 144 antennas is a very large wireless charger capable of charging many electronic devices, including smartphones from a distance of several meters up to 5 W, but the latter is only the prototype prototype. Samsung Eco Remote 2022 seems to be the first consumer product to integrate this new wave charging technology, and can’t wait to test it out next April and release the new TVs of the South Korean brand.

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