The counting software is ready and can be audited by political parties

The counting software is ready and can be audited by political parties

For months now, members of the opposition, such as presidential candidate Gustavo Pedro and Senator Gustavo Bolivar, have been in office They warned their followers about alleged irregularities in the registry-employed Congress and Presidential election counting software.

This Tuesday, Bolivar himself, along with National Registrar Alexander Vega, announced that the counting software was ready. It may be audited by all political parties, in a room already prepared by the Registrar’s Office in view of the next election.

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Through a live broadcast, Bolivar asked Vega about the latest software news. The official clarified to senators and Internet users that the software will not be run by third parties, but for the first time it will be the responsibility of the National Election Council and the Office of the Registrar.

“The audit chamber already exists, each with its cubicles so that each party can carry out its audit and control the software on the day of congressional and presidential elections,” Registrar Gustavo told Bolivar.

In addition to the censorship of each political party, Vega added, there is also this process International visitors will participate and be accompanied by the National University.

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